Non Region Game @ Cherokee - 12/6/19 JVG 4:30pm; JVB 6pm; VG 6pm; FB 7:30pm; VB 7:30pm

Region Game against South Cobb - 12/10/19  VG 6pm; VB 7:30pm

Region Game against River Ridge - 12/13/19 JVG 4pm; JVB 5:30pm; VG 7pm; VB 8:30pm

Non Region Game against Woodstock - 12/14/19 FB 11am; JVG 12:30pm; JVB 2pm; VG 3:30pm; VB 5pm; Junior Grizzly night - all Junior Grizzly teams will be recognized during halftime of the Varsity games



Hello all! Several basketball seniors are a part of the CFA Leadership team at Creekview this year. Our fall project is to help the Free Home Pantry with paper products and toiletries. We are accepting donations through Thanksgiving this year. If you could help by donating some of the items below, I would greatly appreciate your help! You can get the items to one of the senior girls basketball players.

Paper products such as paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, paper plates, tissues, paper cups, silverware.

Hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, face wipes/wash, floss, Q-tips, soap, shampoo, conditioner.

Thank you,
Emily Wilkie

Updated Scores

12/3 games against Harrison:

JVG - won 24-19

VG - lost 34-47

VB - lost 52-64

11/30 games against Dalton:

JVG - won 39-12

VG - won 51-32

VB - lost 51-67



Overall Record/Region Record

FB 0-2 / 0-1

JVG 4-0 / 3-0

JVB 1-1 / 0-1

VG 4-2 / 2-1

VB 2-5 / 0-3





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